I write what I read,

so it is, for no one speaks --

their own words, do they?

Ik schrijf wat ik lees,
zo is het, want niemand spreekt --lese, schließlich spricht niemand --
woorden van hemzelf.eigene Worte.

Poem H4043
Amsterdam, 2023-08-16

the making visible of all kinds of raids (Antjie Krog) - 2022
Poem "die sigbaarmaking van allerlei strooptogte"(collection "Plunder" ["Pillage"])
Collections: Look at me, Life line 
Keywords: Culture: heritage, Language 
Tribute to: Krog, Antjie 

Older and wiser

I understand more, and more --

topics puzzle me.

Ouder en wijzer
begrijp ik meer, is er meer --versteh ich mehr, gibt es mehr --

Poem H3983
Amsterdam, 2023-07-27

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Wisdom / Stupidity 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

I am all sorts, and

in all that I am, I am --

a true gardener.

Ik ben van alles,,
en in alles wat ik ben --und in allem, was ich bin --
ben ik een tuinier.bin ich ein Gärtner.

Poem H3950
Amsterdam, 2023-07-14

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Care: neighbours / earth 

Zywa Leaning in the wind

On the beach, we push ourselves
through the wind towards the light
There is no tunnel or holy gate

To catch our breath, we turn
around and take a rest, the wind goes
all over the world, and we are blown

along with the seagulls awhile and
together with the waves, we flow
out over the shiny sand awhile

The airspace is too large for us
almost still, we lean forward diagonally
but it is no longer a game

So we lie down and listen
to the rows of the surf
which is also breaking in our blood

Poem 2676
Amsterdam, 2020-02-04

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Time: temporality 
Dedicated to: Dory dK 

After the long walk

on the beach my legs are tired --

my eyes are tired too.

Mijn benen zijn moe,
van de lange wandeling --meine Beine sind müde --
en mijn ogen ook.meine Augen auch.

Poem S0043
Amsterdam, 2012-02-09

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Old age: process 

Zywa Sheeple

I think of thinkers
who describe other sides
of the old stories
and the new talk

who observe what is there
as new and notice something
other than is accepted and
put that into reality

Precisely this responding
to what is already there
is originality
or the illusion of it

In an earlier time
I would have been such a thinker
but now it is of no use
in the easy lives

of well-to-do citizens, no use
to outcasts, no use
to outsiders, no use
to my heirs

Poem 5155
Amsterdam, 2023-05-04

Consumer society
"One-Dimensional Man. Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society" (1964, Herbert Marcuse)

Collections: The light of words, Life line 
Keyword: Reason: critical 

I watch the city,

the world from which I was gone --

It has stopped raining.

Ik kijk naar de stad,,
de wereld waar ik weg was --die Welt, von der ich weg war --
Het heeft geregend.Es hat geregnet.

Poem H2557
Amsterdam, 2019-08-31

Health Care Centre of Our Lady, location East, ward B8
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Disease: psycho-soma 

No bacteria

present in the chest X-ray:

just smoke, without fire.

Op de longfoto
zie ik geen bacteriën --seh ich statt Bakterien
maar rook, zonder vuur.Rauch, ohne Feuer.

Poem H2587
Vaison-la-Romaine, 2019-10-17

ICU (Intensive Care Unit) of the Health Care Centre of Our Lady, location East
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Health 

Flower bouquets: life

at home, smelling delicious --

and we smell as well.

Bloemen: het leven
thuis, allerheerlijkst geurend --zu Hause, herrlich duftend --
en wij geuren mee.und wir duften mit.

Poem H2563
Amsterdam, 2019-09-01

Back home from the Health Care Centre of Our Lady
Collection: Life line 
Keywords: Life: stream (follow), Nature: flowers 

I'm in the repair

basket on the seventh floor --

waiting to be patched.

Zeven hoog op zaal
lig ik in de lappenmand --liege ich im Flickenkorb --
voor reparatie.zur Reparatur.

Poem H2548
Amsterdam, 2019-08-20

Health Care Centre of Our Lady, location West, ward B6
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Disease: care 

Zywa Quartermaster

I'm a servant, I give -- space
to inspiration and objections
I fill myself with wishes
and pour them out into decisions
until contentment flows over

I don't hear complainers complain
they encourage, never getting lost
in expectations

The profit is just a balance
of round-off differences
expenditure becomes income
in the space -- of the living together
where everyone is in the middle

of nowhere special, nowhere people
everywhere, on their way to nowhere
because they are already there

Poem 3838
Amsterdam, 2021-06-14

Nowhere Man (The Beatles) - 1965
Song (album "Rubber Soul")

Collections: Lilith's Powers, Life line 
Keyword: Leadership 
Tribute to: Lennon, John; The Beatles 

Marvel at the day,

it's so normal not to be --

taken for granted.

Ik verwonder me
over de dag, zo gewoon --über den Tag, so normal --
niet vanzelfsprekend.nicht selbstverständlich.

Poem H3337
Amsterdam, 2022-06-17

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Wonder 

Zywa Chairman

Sometimes someone shouts
out of a window, behind the parapet
of his right, sometimes someone calls

back or doors slam shut
I listen and I have legs
to cross over

and I take a seat
in the sun, in the inner yard
where the emotions collide

with freedom and necessity
Sometimes I sigh
but with love

Poem 1223
Amsterdam, 2017-03-15

Homeowner Association
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Brotherhood 

Sphinx in the desert,

knowing the riddles -- I too

can keep my mouth shut.

Sfinx in de woestijn,,
die de raadsels kent -- ook ikdie die Rätsel kennt -- auch ich
kan mijn mond houden.kann den Mund halten.

Poem H0171
Amsterdam, 2012-01-25

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Wisdom / Stupidity 

Zywa 40 years

Only with shorter lifetimes
can you say: 40 years is enough
for the new beginning

that you grant the grandchildren
but we want to continue
observing the game

from the sideline, occasionally
throwing a ball into the field or raise
a flag from our conscience

Interim scores we do not collect
They change and lose
their assigned meanings quickly

We wave to the grandchildren
in their prime of life
and make ourselves comfortable

in each other, with whole and half pills
we celebrate our overtime
after the injury time, their beginning

Poem 989
Egmond aan Zee, 2017-02-02

Wedding anniversary
Collection: Life line 
Keywords: Life: stream (go by), Old age: watching 

The sunlight gently

brushes the honeysuckle --

it is still summer.

Het zonlicht strijkt zacht
over de kamperfoelie --gleitet über das Geißblatt --
nog is het zomer.immer noch Sommer.

Poem H0345
Amsterdam, 2012-08-15

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Evening 

Zywa Biography

I do not build a house, just gates

to treasure chambers
of the old and the new palaces

in the heaven of poetry
that spans the earth and the ages

and reflects life
the life of always and everywhere

that we know and try
to understand, the life of people

with whom we are connected
who we can meet

in the palace chambers of
the heaven of poetry

Poem 1665
Amsterdam, 2018-01-25

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Tradition 

I think I'm looking,

but seeing is there before --

I realize it.

Ik denk te kijken,,
maar het zien is er eerder --aber das Sehen ist da --
dan ik het besef.bevor ich es weiß.

Poem H0541
Amsterdam, 2013-08-11

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Awareness: senses 

Zywa In the hospital

We kiss

That changes everything
who we are, and
what we think is important

to exchange
So we meet more and more often
We do as much as possible together

With the whole family
we use to plan
the birthdays and weddings

Then we celebrate life, and also
there is a funeral
from time to time

The vicissitudes of life
you learn to know
in the hospital

On the operating table
I reflect gratefully
What is it about?


What is it about?
I reflect gratefully
on the operation table

In the hospital
you learn to know
the vicissitudes of life

From time to time
there is a funeral
Then we celebrate life, and also

the birthdays and weddings
we use to plan
with the whole family

We do as much as possible together
So we meet more and more often
to exchange

what we think is important
who we are, and
that changes everything

We kiss

Poem 3552
Amsterdam, 2021-03-09

Retrograde poem
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Disease: serious / deadly 

Visitors all day,

after my cardic arrest:

please, do stay with us!

Na mijn hartinfarct
heel de dag bezoek: blijf nog --nach meinem Infarkt: bitte --
bij ons alsjeblieft.bleibe noch bei uns.

Poem H0478
Amsterdam, 2013-06-22

Hospital (heart monitoring department)
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Family: relatives 

In the hospital,

you caress me in your mind --

free of electrodes.

Naast me, aan het bed,,
streel je me in gedachten --streichelst du mich im Geiste --

Poem H0477
Amsterdam, 2013-06-22

Hospital (heart monitoring department)
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Disease: care 

I am monitored

in a small room with a view --

of life that goes on.

Mijn hart wordt bewaakt
op een kamer met uitzicht:in einem Raum mit Ausblick --
het leven gaat door.auf Weiterleben.

Poem H0448
Amsterdam, 2013-05-06

Hospital (heart monitoring department)
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Waiting 

White infusion drips

in, red blood is taken out --

I am getting pale.

Buisjes wit infuus
erin en rood bloed eruit --geht rein und rotes Blut raus --
ik word er bleek van.es macht mich ganz blass.

Poem H0423
Amsterdam, 2013-03-04

Hospital (heart monitoring department)
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Disease: care 

I'm floating around

in the night, between echoes --

of the distant stars.

Ik zweef verloren
in de nacht tussen echo's --inmitten der Nachtechos --
van verre sterren.von fernen Sternen.

Poem H0479
Amsterdam, 2013-06-25

Hospital (bleeps in the heart monitoring department)
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Dreaming 

In the silent night,

the rooms are signaling bleeps:

in here, it is peace.

In de stille nacht
seinen de kamers bliepjes:senden die Räume Piepe:
hier is het vrede.hier ist es Frieden.

Poem H0421
Amsterdam, 2013-03-04

CCU (Cardio Care Unit) of the SLAZ (Saint Lucas Andreas Hospital)
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Peace: silence 

Gathered around her

coffin we are vigorous:

birds of paradise.

Verzameld om haar
graf zijn wij vol levenskracht:sind wir voller Lebenskraft:

Poem H0296
Amsterdam, 2012-06-29

Mother's day of death June 29th, 2011, funeral July 2nd, 2011
Strelitzia reginae (Bird of paradise/Crane flowers) on the coffin

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Gratitude 

The geese are honking

because of my inspection --

Always vigilant?

De ganzen gakken
als ik op inspectie kom --wegen meiner Inspektion --
Waakzaam als altijd?Wachsam wie immer?

Poem H0275
Amsterdam, 2012-02-29

Internal audit
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Danger 

Zywa Trainees

My most important deeds
were to stop the work
to talk with you

about the rules and your ideas
to ask time after time
What is it all about?

What are we doing?
To practice the skill
to be critical

to figure out the beaten tracks
to dare to check them and
to choose the best approach

I remember your names
How did you go?
Have you become giants?

Giantesses without the vanity
of the people, who do not dare
to abide when it comes to it?

Poem 4648
Amsterdam, 2022-09-06

Collections: Lilith's Powers, Life line 
Keyword: Mastery 

The office tower

catches the wind and throws it --

back behind its back.

De kantoortoren
vangt wind en gooit die achter --den Wind und wirft ihn hinter --
zijn rug om terug.dem Rücken zurück.

Poem H0411
Amsterdam, 2013-02-14

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: City (stone & steel) 

Zywa Etcetera

From colleague to colleague
I rebound, sticking to them
like silly putty for a while

Impetuously, our blood flows
with attention for each other
with a little gesture
of very best wishes, fare on
well in ebb and adversity!

I'm leaving because it has to be
yet it is good for me
this sour-sweet greeting
of giving goodbye

Poem 120
Amsterdam, 2008-12-06

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Goodbye: ritual 

I don't see, don't hear,

I don't smell, don't taste, don't feel --

I float bodyless.

Ik zie en hoor niets,,
ik ruik niets, proef niets, voel niets --nichts riechen, schmecken, fühlen --
ik drijf lichaamloos.körperlos schweben.

Poem H0011
Amsterdam, 2011-11-18

Koan (in a salt water cabin, February 19th, 2011)
Collection: Life line 
Keywords: Paradox, Body: functioning 

Zywa I don't have love

With Maria and Karin in Blixembosch
love flows
between the words and thoughts

We do not hold each other's hands
and do not close our eyes
but we try

to understand it better
to be able to explain it better
to students and ourselves

Whatever love is, I feel it

between us, I am, we are
complete, open, we are
not interfering with ourselves

and the love among us
is not ours
it flows

Poem 1482
Amsterdam, 2017-08-02

2001, Eindhoven
Universal life energy

Collection: Life line 
Keywords: Life: energy, Reiki 

My father has died,

there are winterdays to come --

which slowly lengthen.

Mijn vader is dood,,
er komen winterdagen --nun gibt es Wintertage --
die langzaam lengen.die langsam längen.

Poem H0271
Amsterdam, 2012-04-23

My father died on November 30th, 1004
Collection: Life line 
Keywords: Parents: father(hood), Spring 

Zywa Hand in hand

I survived
and write it down
to forget it

I don't have to remember
what I can read over, but I have to
look for the words

that hide, anxious words
as if my pen is the knife
under the highway past our house

put out of nowhere on my throat
The evening had already fallen
Nervously he cried for money

a beginner, his plan
could be smoothened with calmness
my fear sabotaged

by my husband: 'We don't have money
what use are tea and caramel fudges?'
'Í have money! In my bag'

'Give, give!' My husband
quietly takes my purse
and opens it upside down

The coins fall
The boy bends down
Hand in hand we run

Poem 909
Amsterdam, 2016-12-22

1994, Amsterdam Zuidoost
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Life: survival (effort) 

It is hard, but no,

it's not meant personally --

That is the problem.

Het is hard, maar nee,
echt niet persoonlijk bedoeld --gar nicht persönlich gemeint --
Dat is het probleem.Das ist das Problem.

Poem S1007
Amsterdam, 2020-05-01

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Violence: impersonal 

Zywa Memory in a half-stone

The half-stone of friendship remains
even if you are complete without me
and it is true

what a wise friend read
in the lines of your hand

even if you would never
think of me again

Poem 24
Amsterdam, 2005-08-02

A symbolon (symbol) is an agreed identification between guest friends, for example one part of a stone broken in half

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Memory: of people 
Dedicated to: Jan Aart K 

The balloon rises

fast until it's a pinhead --

then there is nothing?

Snel stijgt de ballon,
omhoog tot een speldenknop --bald ist er ein Nadelkopf --
dan is er niets meer?dann gibt es nichts mehr?

Poem H0139
Train Amsterdam-Nijmegen, 2012-01-15

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Goodbye: leaving 

Zywa Give To Be

The eternal is a thought
felt or thought in me
– knowing

to exist only for a while
to possess only for a while
– knowing

that being and having is living
half, and being and giving
is love

– people
who give space
and sweet fruits

– people
who give, people
who give each other to be

Poem 1498
Amsterdam, 2017-08-08

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Love: Give To Be 

What can be the word

for everything that exists? --

Would this word be love?

Wat kan het woord zijn
voor alles dat er bestaat? --für alles, was existiert? --
Zou het liefde zijn?Würde's Liebe sein?

Poem H0361
Amsterdam, 2012-10-06

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Love: unity / universal 

Zywa Initially

Hop, step and jump into the tram
long paces left right through the gangway
to the platform in the rear
there, my thoughts choose their own track

Who would not want to

do all one would want to

do if one could?

Bringing love generously
in the air, on land and at sea
rescuing people out of stormy weather

no abroad, being at home in every land
running through the breakers and the sand
and laughing a lot together

sunsummers without a plan or decision
just a warm wind, just the soft skin
of an initially unknown lover

Poem 36
Train-journey through Germany, 2005-10-16

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Dreaming 

Nothing to see, I

only hear a quick heartbeat --

a boat in the fog.

Niets te zien, ik hoor
alleen een snelle hartslag --hör nur einen schnellen Puls --
een boot in de mist.ein Boot im Nebel.

Poem H0388
Amsterdam, 2012-11-21

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Uncertainty 

Zywa The path

It is dark
a wall at the left side
the ditch at the right
and far away
I hear mopeds looming up
at the end of the path
catching me
in their light
the sound becomes loud

my pounding heart presses itself
close against the wall
a minute and it will be over

They stop

Poem 26
Amsterdam, 2005-08-03

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Fear: insecurity 

No sun below here,

dense clouds are floating over:

leaves on the surface.

Geen zon hieronder,
er drijven dichte wolken --unten, so dichte Wolken --
blad op het water.Laub auf dem Wasser.

Poem H0372
Amsterdam, 2012-10-24

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Life: environment 

Zywa Beds in my dreams

Boys look past
my shyness
I don't understand

So beautiful I see my feelings
in my face, my forms
in the mirror

Why doesn't anyone
want to enjoy me?
The beauty of a boy

discovered inside and out
by my skin
my curious body

In other people's houses
I capture the beds
in my dreams

None of them invite me
Can they see in me
how critical I am?

Poem 5173
Amsterdam, 2023-05-09

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: In love: allurement 

I am in the field,

surrounded by butterflies --

on my floral blouse.

Ik zit in het veld,,
te midden van vlinders op --bei den Schmetterlingen auf --
mijn bloemetjesbloes.meiner Blumenbluse.

Poem H0472
Amsterdam, 2013-06-20

Collection: Life line 
Keywords: Animals: butterfly / moth, Spring 

Zywa Undertone

We eat a fresh caught crab fish
in the setting sun and as in the old books
of my mother we count the ticking
of the clock from time tot time
you say old books also are okay

Another carrot and a pun
once more delaying
the unavoidable farewell kiss
no more calling on each other
I really don't know what to say

Poem 35
Train-journey through Germany, 2005-10-13

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Goodbye: discomfort 

Clumsily we search

for words to say the goodbye --

gloaming between us.

Onhandig zoeken
we naar woorden: het afscheid --wir nach Worten: der Abschied --
schemert tussen ons.dämmert zwischen uns.

Poem H0627
Amsterdam, 2013-10-13

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Goodbye: discomfort 

Zywa Pentecostal thoughts

Separate rules apply for my parents
but increasingly exposed was the faith
of the other adults

braided over the centuries
from examples how people should take care
Cain the first

then books full of theology
and science why
we violate what is good

for us. Saints are no help
nor serious faces in the light
of the candles burning for them

nor angels watching over us
nor holiness on the tongue, swallowed
carefully with my very best intentions

for all my brothers and sisters
God is far away in heaven
not omnipresent on earth

     his spirit by my side
     and inspiring as a friend
     in the depths of my mind

but entered into the elders
who hypocritically preach to each other
about the devil in the other

Poem 1306
Amsterdam, 2017-04-25

Pentecostal church in Schiedam (1972)
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Religion: prayer 

Looking for the ball

we decide to change the game --

into hide-and-seek.

We zoeken de bal
en veranderen het spel --und ändern zeitlich das Spiel --
in verstoppertje.in Versteckenspiel.

Poem H0177
Train Nijmegen-Amsterdam, 2012-01-15

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Playing: fun 

Zywa Chaste longing

Collages of 1970
I draw from reality
and fantasize it

I'm exploring my faces
on pictures and in real life
I usually find myself more beautiful

The divine body
of youth, says my aunt
not Morris's naked ape

But nobody notices
whatever clothes I take off
in my chaste longing

for sex, never thought
of nude butts without sluts
armpit hair and scent signals

all those certainties
that I do not experience
As if I'm still a child

Poem 1395
Amsterdam, 2017-06-06

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Puberty 

Look, I made something

beautiful from an idea --

that attracted me.

Kijk, ik heb iets moois
gemaakt van een ideetje --Schönes aus einer Idee --
dat mij verleidde.die mich verführt hat.

Poem H0544
Amsterdam, 2013-08-11

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Creativity 

Zywa Finethreads

Which is beyond
words, is present here
in the twilight, the secret

not to know yet
how it will continue
but to feel the net

coming together in me –
invisible connections
to the heartbeats of life

In wordless language
the breathing of the pipes
conquers space from the silence

in gently waves and then by itself
nothingness has become music –
new webs of finethreads

between sense cores
of souls once and somewhere
in confluent time

Poem 1063
Amsterdam, 2017-02-22

1967, Chapel of the Canisius College, Nijmegen
2017, Organpark, Amsterdam

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Music: connects 
Dedicated to: Johan A 

Ice threads are floating,

glittering out of the void --

emerging matter.

IJsdraadjes zweven
flonkerend, vanuit het niets --funkelnd hervor, aus dem nichts --
ontstaat materie.entsteht Materie.

Poem H0229
Amsterdam, 2012-03-03

Ice needles
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Nature: elements 

Zywa Organ of eternity

Sometimes everything is open and
the wind rushes out of the chest
downbelow into the empty space

of the ship, vibrating
between the pews and around
the altar, the air is alive
in the sacred semi-darkness

My consciousness expands
lets thoughts float on exercises
and improvisations to arrange them
and let them land in their place
during the lunch break in the chapel

My teens, the sixties
of the century, meditating
in the sacred semi-darkness
of the organ of eternity

Poem 1707
Amsterdam, 2018-03-18

1967, Chapel of the Canisius College, Nijmegen
2017, Organpark, Amsterdam

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Music: vibration 
Dedicated to: Johan A 

Under the branches

it is quiet and pitch-dark --

time doesn't rustle here.

Onder de takken
is het stil en pikdonker --ist es ruhig und dunkel --
de tijd ruist hier niet.die Zeit rauscht hier nicht.

Poem H0351
Amsterdam, 2012-09-12

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Silence 

Zywa Memories without information leaflet

I do remember my birth
but without information leaflet
because I didn't know any words

only experiences and associations
of experiences with experiences
and as a teenager I often dreamed

to crawl up from a cave
in the ground: light at the end
of the tunnel, which becomes narrower

clutching me and making me afraid
of fainting and suffocating
I can't move forward, not back

but back then I made it
so I don't give up now
although I don't dare to go to sleep

Poem 958
Amsterdam, 2017-01-17

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Memory: of one's life 

Shadows slide quickly

through the water, elusive --

is reality.

Schaduwen glijden
door het water, ongrijpbaar --durch das Wasser, ungreifbar --
de werkelijkheid.die Realität.

Poem H0120
Julianadorp, 2012-01-01

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Reality 

Zywa The party will be later

Bruises on my hips
from a growth spurt, long days
of practising my brains
and always cycling against the wind
in the winter over polder ice

A doctor's prescription
with jealous eyes of my sisters
who also want to eat sweet
cream every day, but then
they'd have to grow faster

make long days of practising their brains
and always cycle against the wind
in the winter over polder ice
(for their future, for themselves –
  the party will be later)

Poem 963
Amsterdam, 2017-01-19

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Child: education 

The polder is green,

nothing but grass, grass hides grass,

hides ditches and roads.

De polder is groen,,
niets dan gras, gras verbergt gras,alles Gras, Gras verbirgt Gras,
sloten en wegen.Gräben und Straßen.

Poem H0043
Amsterdam, 2011-11-30

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Perception: impression 

Zywa Love palace

It's another neighbourhood
no longer a theater in the backyard
but homework

with term results and world-
literature in the wall cabinet
There, I live many lives

inside, in the stories
music rooms and museum halls
that expand on subscription

in the palace of my brain
I want to discover all secrets
know the ever singing woods

through and through
receive the gift of discretion
and be happy with it

experience how to live with everything
I know, because I know
well that love is everything

Poem 1337
Amsterdam, 2017-05-09

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Education 

I deeply breathe in

the golden rain fragrances --

spring enchants my blood.

Gouden regengeur
diep inademen, lente --sehr tief einatmen, Frühling --
betovert mijn bloed.verzaubert mein Blut.

Poem H0461
Train Assen-Amsterdam, 2013-06-07

Laburnum anagyroides
Collection: Life line 
Keywords: Nature: flowers, Spring 

Zywa Berthweald

Every morning after the reveille
we hold a bicycle race
from the camp to the Meuse

At full speed I take
the last turn, right
into brand new barbed wire

invisible in the light of the sun
As proficient torturers two others
are colliding with me immediately

Flat tire, torn clothes
In a comic strip, I would be
hanging horizontally now

But I fall, rips in my flesh
gaping and bleeding
Bandages at breakfast

and then I lead my patrol again, what else
after the inscrutable providence
of a farmer who's going to pasture on the river?

Poem 1339
Amsterdam, 2017-05-10

Wellerlooi = Berthweald
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Fate 

It is a contest,

you can't lose all by yourself:

Would you please reserve?

Het is een wedstrijd,,
verliezen gaat niet vanzelf:der Verlust geht nicht von selbst:
Reserveren graag!Bitte reserviere!

Poem H2421
Amsterdam, 2019-03-28

"Please reserve" is a running gag on AllPoetry.com (March 2019)
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Playing: fight 

Zywa Ambition

Getting up at six o'clock for swimming
lessons in the mountain lake, in autumn
with fog and rain, then breakfast

clocking my time on arrival at school
and wanting to win the run
around the sports fields, as if

it brings me any points
for what I am worth
relying on the lesson

that I do it all for myself
because the great ideals
of the adults are too good

for their worries
I hear their words and their deeds
make me think

so I knew it already

Poem 1325
Amsterdam, 2017-05-02

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Ambition 

Through the shifting sand

my foot steps in ice water --

but I don't turn back.

Door het stuifzand heen
stapt mijn voet in ijswater --trete ich in Eiswasser --
maar ik keer niet om.doch ich kehr nicht um.

Poem H0212
Amsterdam, 2012-02-13

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Will 

Zywa Lamb of God

In those days the soul of a child
still was something to wash
off vices and to leave school

clean as Our Sweet Lord
with nothing but love
to start puberty

A beautiful ideal, to give
my life for people and
heaven and peace on earth

Willing to sacrifice me
I lay unprotected as a lamb
in the blue open air

in a bed of frisky grass
without fleeing the blot
of the eagle falling over me

striking his claws in my tender flesh
and taking me bleeding
to blissful heights

Poem 1318
Amsterdam, 2017-04-29

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Love: surrender 

My children's room then:

the bed under the window --

with the dream catcher.

Mijn kinderkamer::
het bed onder het dakraam,das Bett under dem Fenster --
de dromenvanger.mit dem Traumfänger.

Poem H0026
Amsterdam, 2011-11-26

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Child: childhood 

Zywa It already was getting dark

I was drifting along
too long roads through Stepmoor
tired and alone

There was a shorter path
home, I knew that
for certain as a scout

but two too large boys
of the farm kicked me
back, the city child in uniform

and threatened with the dog
It already was getting dark
nobody saw me

nobody to help me
I was tired and alone
in my sadness

Poem 1331
Amsterdam, 2017-05-06

Stappegoor [Stepmoor], Tilburg South
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Alone: forsaken 

The rustling bamboo

encloses me, I look up --

and follow the birds.

Ritselend bamboe
omsluit me, ik kijk omhoog --umschließt mich, ich schaue wo --
en volg de vogels.die Vögel gehen.

Poem H0170
Amsterdam, 2012-01-25

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Life: course (chance) 

Zywa The holes

Throngs of believers flown here
walk quietly through the narrow streets
of the old city to deepen the old story

from their eyes and their soles
to their guilty souls
that cannot grasp it

There are even more on the other side
of the world in a colourful field
full of parasols at the holes in the ground

to watch the arrival
of the Roman soldiers
April 14th, 2017. Jerusalem. Pampanga.

Fifty-five years ago, three days after
my tenth birthday, I walked to the room
just past the Swampstead Road

where a man with nails
through his hands and feet
was hanging skinny on the cross

It was not crowded, slowly
I shuffled along in a thin row
past the real holes

There was nothing to say about it
there was only that old story
and it didn't come any closer

maybe it did for that man
maybe not
because it wasn't his first time

Poem 1305
Amsterdam, 2017-04-25

Easter 2017 (Amsterdam)
Stigmata in 1962 (Tilburg)

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Religion: ritual 

I do empathise

with you, but still I get lost --

in your mystery.

Ik wil jou kennen,,
ik leef me in, maar verdwaal --aber ich verirre mich --
in jouw mysterie.du bist ein Rätsel.

Poem S1143
Amsterdam, 2021-03-10

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: People: individuals 

Zywa They didn't come

For months I was afraid
to go to bed, afraid
of the nightmares of the army

of bees with their big bulging eyes
they buzzed to me from all sides
and kept hanging in front of my face

I screamed: mum, dad
It woke me up, but
they didn't come, I was alone

At school I made mistakes
I'd rather not get a turn
Always I had been the best

but now I started to hesitate
and again my answer was wrong
The teacher called me forward

and then I did know the result
and he that this was not a mystery
but eyes become near-sighted

Poem 1329
Amsterdam, 2017-05-05

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Alone: lonely 

Silence is scary,

asleep, I stay wide awake --

all night, I'm all ears.

De stilte is eng,,
slapend blijf ik klaarwakker --im Schlaf bleibe ich hellwach --
een en al oren.ich bin ganz Ohren.

Poem H2588
Vaison-la-Romaine, 2019-10-18

Collection: Life line 
Keywords: Silence (danger), Fear: vague 

Zywa Like dad

With cursive handwriting, sums and stories
I am exploring the world, six days a week
on a folding table with an ink jar

and at home with Jules Verne
games and fantasy, frost flowers
on the window and a hot water bottle in bed

A quarrel now and then, but peace
on earth and for later the task
of contributing to it, like dad

In the morning we deliver in pyjamas
with empty cans on large trailers
portable gas tanks, and bulk tanks

throughout the country
between the beds. We learn how
to do it, first the crafts

no more than eleven, and then the success
of which everyone becomes better
It's all not so difficult

when you're young. And willing
And don't yet know a great many
And the main issues are sufficient, as for dad

Poem 1349
Amsterdam, 2017-05-13

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Education 

I know my grandad

from pictures, old stories, and --

from my own genes too.

Ik ken mijn opa
van foto's, verhalen en --von Fotos, Geschichten und --
mijn eigen genen.von meinen Genen.

Poem H1884
Amsterdam, 2017-12-03

On the death of Herman Huilmand
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Self-knowledge 
Dedicated to: Ineke J, Mark H, Christel H, Ellen H, Marianne H 

Zywa Between heaven and hell

Good and evil, the angels
and devils who whisper
behind me to guide me

or seduce me, beautifully
drawn in the picture book
that allured my children's soul

With not too many stains
on my soul, I could hope
for purgatory

but I'd rather want to be good
It seemed sensible to me
to know what is right and wrong

in my thoughts, words and deeds
on earth, between heaven and hell

Poem 962
Amsterdam, 2017-01-19

First Communion
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Ethics: 

Thunder and lightning,

wrath, hellfire and damnation --

yet it's beautiful.

Donder en bliksem,,
toorn, hel en verdoemenis --Zorn, Hölle und Verdammnis --
toch is het prachtig.es ist aber schön.

Poem H1555
Vaison-la-Romaine, 2016-10-11

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Nature: violence 

Zywa Mount Olympus

Mum is beautiful, and the garage
with my own name on it
which I can not read yet
and my bike on Queen's Day

the flower garlands on the cars
after a day at the seaside
with all the cousins

everything I make
and break down again, cranes
buildings and drawings

Mum says: you live
on Mount Olympus
because you are very special
and make everything beautiful

Poem 1335
Amsterdam, 2017-05-08

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Creativity 

The girl is hopping

a breeze through the flower field --

on her summer dress.

Het meisje huppelt
een bries door het bloemenveld --Brisen durch das Blumenfeld --
op haar zomerjurk.auf ihrem Hemdkleid.

Poem H0042
Amsterdam, 2011-11-30

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Joy 

Zywa Photos nobody else will ever see

The people who nodded
yes, that's you, those cheeks
that smiling face

in my baby photo album
those people are dead, and I
don't know anything about it

I remember the signboards
the superscriptions that I wanted to read
my eyes took pictures

that nobody else will ever see

the locks of hair on the slippery tiles
at the barber in Hesperen Street
tapping lotion into my skin

the two chestnut trees in the yard
of the kindergarten and the children
who want to sail across in the playtime

the marvel of the beechnuts
swirling down in the Wedding Avenue
(funny that there is no church there)

Handfuls of nuts I took with me
my memory has pictures of it
which I will not forget

Poem 959
Amsterdam, 2017-01-17

Collections: Take a picture, now, Life line 
Keyword: Memory: of one's life 

Road signs on the square,

to Berlin, Paris, Rome, yes --

here I am at home.

Bordjes op het plein,,
naar Berlijn, Parijs, Rome --nach Berlin, Paris, Rom, ja --
ja, hier ben ik thuis.hier ist Zuhause.

Poem H0121
Julianadorp, 2011-12-26

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Home: domicile / region 

Zywa Gnome

My uncles meant well
they called me the woodgnome
but when I became the big brother

I thought it was metaphorical
my name an omen, the Little One
named after Paul, the great one

for whom only Jesus was great
And little I am, puny
besides billions of people, no one

can learn that too soon
because the great names
that are important to us

are simplifications and falsifications
of lives into icons
of a later story

that even makes us dream
we could be great on our own
not together

Poem 1333
Amsterdam, 2017-05-07

Paul the woodgnome (by Jean Dulieu)
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Identity: image 
Tribute to: Dulieu, Jean 

A crown on her head

and three candles on the cake --

cream around her smile.

Een kroon op haar hoofd
en drie kaarsjes op de taart --drei Kerzen auf der Torte --
slagroom om haar lach.Rahm um ihr Lächeln.

Poem H0078
Amsterdam, 2011-12-18

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Party: celebrate 

Zywa Crying silently

Sometimes left
calling in vain
after a scary dream

crying silently

not knowing
whether I call loud enough
my voice not smothered

in crying silently

It's an imprint
of longing
for protection

in a safe lap

an imprint in
my soul, my fado
without melancholy

Poem 960
Amsterdam, 2017-01-18

Character = Imprint
Fado = Fate

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Alone: lonely 

I hear mum and dad

coming home, they stumble, now --

I can go to sleep.

Papa en mama
komen stommelend thuis, nu --kommen nach Hause, erst jetzt --
kan ik gaan slapen.kan ich schlafen geh'n.

Poem H0236
Amsterdam, 2012-03-05

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Fear: insecurity 

Zywa Fire child

Mama came home, I paraded
with her hat and bag, look
how cute, take a picture, now!

The photo is still there
with some other ones
because they are nice

sometimes also because it's me
I recognize myself in a face
that I'm willing to show

and keep, fitting
to my mysterious self
of not getting caught

by my own eyes
that wish to see fire
the eternal fire

everything one soul in the cycle
of earth, water, and wind
in me

Poem 1320
Amsterdam, 2017-04-30

Heraclitus (Ephesus, 535-475 BC)
"Panta rhei": "everything flows" like water
"Panta chorei": "everything changes place" through the "Pyros Tropai", the "turnings of (the eternal) fire" ("All things are an interchange for fire, and fire for all things, just like goods for gold and gold for goods.")

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Identity: personality 
Tribute to: Heraclitus 

The young leafage pulls

at the upper tree branches --

that have to grow now.

Het jonge blad trekt
aan de bovenste takken --an den overen Zweigen --
die moeten groeien.die wachsen müssen.

Poem H0118
Julianadorp, 2012-01-01

Collection: Life line 
Keywords: Nature: plants, Spring 

Zywa The green

My second year, sweet gruel
that I loved to eat for years to come
my dear mama and her will
in the green of her eyes

The garden, unlimited
my world, away from mama
as far as I could, crawling
in the green of the grass

Rides in the stroller
through the Promenade Woods
the endless sky
in the green of the trees

the play of swaying
light and dark spots
the beckoning sky
in the green of my awareness

Poem 1323
Amsterdam, 2017-05-02

Sweet gruel: flour, milk and fine brown sugar
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Awareness: connection 

The pond and the ducks

under long drooping branches --

everything dripped green.

Vijvers en eenden
onder lange hangtakken --unter den Hängezweigen --
alles groen gedrupt.alles grün getropft.

Poem H0261
Amsterdam, 2012-04-18

The Leijpark in Tilburg
Collection: Life line 
Keywords: Calm: harmony, Brabant 

Zywa Primal experiences

Changing teeth, I thought
I know this, this nagging pain
this itching that cannot be ignored

an awaking memory
so I did record
the eruption of the first teeth

as well as the waiting, the smarting
when I needed to be changed:
physical primal experiences

the beginning of my inner world
when my nights and days
still consisted of the outside world

of eating, growing
and knowing nothing about it
until time starts to flow

around the island that I am
in the world, which bashes reality
into me as memories

Poem 1310
Amsterdam, 2017-04-25

Oldest memory
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Memory: of one's life 

In the double-pane

window I see a shadow --

of me on my back.

In het dubbelglas
zie ik een schim van mezelf --gibt's einen Schatten von mir --
op mijn eigen rug.auf meinem Rücken.

Poem H0531
Amsterdam, 2013-08-07

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Self-knowledge 

Zywa Stuck

I am stuck, I think

of dying
of salvation
a new beginning

I may want
to believe in it
even if don't believe in it

It's too small here
please, help me, I'm suffocating
this tunnel is far too narrow

I am stuck

in the cruel love
of life
the cruel love

of the begetters
who put me in a little bed
cherish and coddle me

give me enough space
and then build walls
Release me, I want to get out

Poem 1160
Amsterdam, 2017-03-08

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Fear: bad dream 

Mama, please, help me,

otherwise I will be drowned --

in that sea of light.

Mama, alsjeblieft,,
help me, anders verdrink ik --sonst ertrinke ich im Meer --
in die zee van licht.diesem Meer des Lichts.

Poem H1542
Vaison-la-Romaine, 2016-10-09

Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Fear: uncertainty 

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